Holistic workshop – Mind, Body & Spirit

I want to invite you to a deeply transformative holistic workshop. We are going to work with our mind, body & spirit.

This workshop is for anyone who would like to establish a better relationship with the body, give oneself time and space for healthy mind-body practices, learn ways of healthy communication, work on oneself by using effective coaching methods and go deeper withing one´s own center to improve well being.

The workshops will be held at 15th – 29th of August, three Tuesdays at 18:15 to 20:30.

There will be three over 2-hours sessions covering topics such as:

Body- every session starts with gentle Yoga practice mixed with mindfulness methods to reconnect with the body and its movement, feeling, being and breathing with it.

Get in touch with the sensations, become a friend with the body.

Mind – our thoughts, beliefs and judgments. We are going to work with our operating systems- what do we believe in and what kind of reality we create for ourselves.

Using coaching methods to recognise and transform our unwanted habits, beliefs and ways of acting. NVC (Non- Violent Communication) is going to be a part of our practice.

The dimension of spirituality – how often do you ask yourself:

  • Who am I, what do I need, what are my values and priorities?
  • What do I believe in and what is the meaning of my life?

We are going to go deeper into our center through meditation to meet one’s own needs, emotions and desires and to hear the inner voice. We are going to focus on working with the values and priorities as well.

Without it is easy to get lost in the noise of the world or in the crowd of people…right?

If you feel that this workshop is for you, you are so welcome!

There are going to be 3 Tuesday meetings from 18:15 to 20:30.

Dates: 15th, 22nd and 29th of August
Place: Samkennd, Tunguháls 19, 110 Rvk.
Investment : 21.000 isk for the workshop
Premium version: (workshop + individual session) – 31.111 isk

For more information and sign ups : kasia@relaxedmind.is

More about me: https://www.relaxedmind.is and https://samkennd.is/teymid/kasia/

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